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Tarot Card Reading


Hello! I live in Southern California and have always had an uncanny intuition. Later in life, after a serious illness, I began to "know" specific things. I then decided to develop this gift, taking Tarot classes.  I want to share experiences, help you to manifest your wishes, and want to promote healing of the body, mind, spirit, finances, and relationships as well as give you insight into your future.  


Debbie Duncan  



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Welcome to Psychicfixes! 


Welcome to  Here you can find answers to your questions, valuable information as well as some spiritual nourishment.  So what is available here at the moment?  Well, do you like stories that defy the odds?  Or scary ghost tales?  Check out the blog page, it will truly amaze you.  All stories are personally connected to me, and are 100% true!   Need a psychic reading?  I have a 5 star rating and you can order a reading from the menu bar.


Does someone you know need a healing?  Go to contact us and send their info and we will be glad to include them for long distance healing. This site has many interesting and informative videos, so do check them out on the video page.  

Enjoy the site, and feel free to send me an email or say hello on our facebook page as I am there daily!





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True Scary Stories

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