• Debbie Anderson

Great Grandma Gigi

Here is my paranormal story. One day I was getting a massage, when all of a sudden I began to get a warm feeling all over. Then an unusal thing happened, my left arm started to tingle leaving goosebumps all over it. It felt as if someone had put a hand on my arm. I immediately felt the presence of my great-grandmother Gigi. I knew it was her! I enjoyed the massage and was shocked when after the treatment, my therapist ask me if I saw the gray haired older woman in a dress! She said that she was smiling and had a dog next to her. The therapist then described exactly my deceased dog Scout. She said the woman said that she would take good care of her pet. It's hard to describe it. I felt surrounded by her love. I started crying immediately! She described my great-grandmother "Gigi" perfectly! It truly was a warm fuzzy experience!

#ghost #paranormal #spirits

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