• Debbie Anderson

His Guardian Angels at Work

I have been away taking care of my father-in-law who ended up passing away. The evening before I was going to leave to come home and his sister would arrive, I decided to sleep up in the guest room (and not on the couch next to the hospital bed downstairs). I wanted to get a good nights sleep and the oxygen machine was pretty loud. I was asleep when the bed began vibrating. I woke up and thought, Earthquake!, but then I remembered I was not in California. So, I said outloud "Dad needs me". Well, I also said "I am tired, let me lay here for 2 minutes, then I will get up". The bed started shaking violently, I sat up literally bouncing on the bed. I said "Ok, Ok...I'm getting up". I looked at the clock and it was straight up midnight...then I said "You would wake me up at midnight", "I don't do midnight...give me a couple of minutes".The bed stopped shaking and I got up and went downstairs. My father-in-law was sitting on the end of the hospital bed, disheveled, and had ripped his oxygen tubing out, and was disoriented. Yes, he did need me! This was the first time I had ever experience this kind of physical contact. I wasn't afraid at all!

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