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Man on the Closet Door

Long ago when my son was very, very young. I walked into a bedroom in our home, just as I have always done every single day. This time I looked up and to my astonishment there was a "picture" of a man on the closet door. The door was faux wood grain, and there among the shaded wooden colors was the face of a man clear as a bell! I wasn't happy about it, it made me feel so uneasy. I thought, well it will go away, it's just an illusion. But, whenever I went into that bedroom...there he was. He sort of looked like W.C. Fields! Or perhaps, Winston Churchill. But, finally I realized that it made me feel so uneasy that I just had to get rid of that door. I could always see him when I looked at the door, so it had to go! I had my husband take the closet door off the tracks and throw it away...wonder who he was!

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