• Debbie Anderson

The Voice from Heaven

Well my first paranormal experience was quite a doozy, as they say. Here is my account...still as clear as when it happened over forty years ago... I was at a local pool in the country with friends. I was finished swimming and was out of the pool, sitting at the table with my girl friends and we were toweling off. Suddenly, over the booming loud speaker I heard the following: "Debbie, if you can hear me turn around"! This almost deafening voice was not urgent, nor was it sinister. It was a man's voice and not a child's nor did it sound like an elderly person. Well I just froze there and then. Head down, towel in hand swiping my leg. I and I just sat there in a time that felt like eternity. Slowly I raised up and turned around...and nothing was there. I asked my friends if someone called my name and they said "no". I walked to the snack store and asked if they called my name over the loud speaker and the woman shot me a puzzled face and said "No, and we don't have a loud speaker here". To this day I wished that I had turned right around and looked...maybe my life would be much different than it is now.

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