• Debbie Anderson

When Remotes Fly

My husband had no experience with paranormal happenings growing up, and he is quite a skeptic. Even today he still is, however, I still don't understand how he keeps that stance when this happened to him in our very own livingroom. Here is: When Remotes Fly... I was watching my neighbor's toddler in my home and I was sitting in the livingroom with my husband on the couch. The toddler was playing to my right. A television set is across the room and upon it was it's remote. We were astonished when the remote came off of the television and floated across the room at an angle and landed quietly at my husband's feet. Now that remote, if fallen, should have landed in front of the t.v. on the ground. My husband was silent and then turned to me and said "Well that was weird". And I am thinking: "Just weird?" That was incredible! He doesn't talk about it to this day and still won't tell me that he is a believer or not.

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