• Debbie Anderson

Message from Dad

One day I was at work and counting out the cash drawer to set it up for the day. I had someone with me that kept interrupting me when I was counting the dollar bills. Over and over again I had to start over mindlessly counting the money out. I looked at the clock and then told the person, please don't say anything as I had to get this money counted out and in the cash register within ten minutes. She was slient and then I began counting the dollar bills AND looking at them. After counting a few I was astonished to find this dollar bill with the name "GOOCH" written on it. That is the name that my father went by, and he had just passed away. I feel he was stopping by and telling me he was there. I mean what are the odds? Truly amazing and I still have this bill.

#coincidences #paranormal #ghost #spirit

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