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Why God Just Might Be A Man

The other day I made a joke while on the phone with my best friend about how God might just be a man after all – despite the jokes I’ve heard about how He could really be a She. The topic came up while we were talking about how to manifest what we want just by being clear and direct with the Universe when we are stating our requests. Let’s be honest, this may not be such a hard thing to do for a man, but making clear requests sure seems to be difficult for a lot of women that I have come across. Either they were way too vague in their requests, or just dropped hints when they asked (taking for granted that God knows everything – so in their mind, a few hints being dropped couldn’t be that bad.)

Well, this discussion kind of frustrated me for a moment until suddenly I ended up feeling like a light bulb had turned on! The question that penetrated my mind sounded like this: “Maybe God is a man or has a ton of masculine energy, because if one of the main requirements in getting what you want is being direct in your request, then it defies logic that God could be anything else but!

Although God is in the business of reading minds and thoughts, He demands that we speak to him clearly, ask for what we want with no guilt or hesitation, and He also loves to provide for us, appreciates when we show Him appreciation and gratitude for all He has done- and loves to help us when we have done everything we can on our own – but we just need a little strength behind us on certain tasks (sounds like most husbands I know – well at least mine).

With that said, maybe the best manifesting masters out there know how to walk and talk with men in confidence or maybe they don’t. Either way, I think God fits wonderfully in His role of giving, and listening – He just would rather cut the small talk and pay attention to what is really important – You and your Hearts Desires. How can you become more clear and defined in your manifesting requests? Share with me and follow me! I’m on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as @askemmaj.

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