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  • Debbie Duncan

Grandma’s Trip to Heaven and Back

My grandmother, Dorothy had a tubal pregnancy and was rushed to the hospital. Sadly she didn’t live through the ordeal. The doctor came out to the waiting room and told my grandfather, Abraham the sad news. He lost his possibility of this child and also his wife. He was grief stricken.

My grandfather said goodbye to his wife’s lifeless body and she was moved to the basement of the hospital located in San Diego…she was in the morgue. Toe tagged and ready for a mortuary to pick her up she lay in a wicker basket with sides, so the bodies stay put in case they have any reflex moves.

Suddenly, my grandmother told me, she woke up! To the extreme fright of the morgue worker she rose up slightly and asked where she was. She was rushed upstairs and many, many doctors had to take a look at the woman who woke from the dead. My grandfather was then told, she was alive!

My grandmother told us of the story that she saw a golden staircase…she remembered how many steps there was that lead up into the sky. I thought I would always remember the count, be find over all of these years that I don’t remember. She counted the steps, and they were golden, and reached the gates. Yes the pearly gates! There was a man on the other side of the gates. I don’t think she was sure if it was St. Peter or Jesus. He told her to turn around and go back, it wasn’t her “time”. And she did just that. When she reached the last step going down, she woke up in the morgue!

According to my grandmother, there IS a stairway to heaven!

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