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  • C. Ford

The Child "Watcher"

I went on a ghost tour in Roswell Ga. It's a great tour with lots of history. Not only about the founders of the town ( The Roosevelt family) and the civil war. Was walking down the road toward Bullock Hall. Had a feeling that I should stay away from a house and not look at it. We stopped in front of the drive way of Mimosa Hall . Was told that there are sprits that protect the house from strangers. They don't like it when people look or come on the property! Also on that same tour we went to the Founders cemetery. This cemetery has many unmarked graves (slaves) that belonged to the wealthy families. It's is said that what you see is only 1/4 of the cemetery. There are houses built on top of the unseen portion. That's can really cause some sprits to be upset! The tour guide tells us there is a girl that sits in the tree and watches the people in the cemetery. As we are leaving I feel something in my hair like a bug! Then my hair stands up!!! I reach back and there is nothing in my hair and no one behind me. My daughter is next to me and asks if I just tapped her shoulder. I did not. I asked her if she touched my hair and she said no. I told the guide what happen. He said I was the 2nd person that has told him that as happen. There is a girl that will follow people on the tour and tug on pant legs and hair.

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