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  • Debbie Duncan

The Hooded Specters Who Stayed

As a young teen I lived in a rural area. Our house was old and dark, not the friendliest place you've ever been. I remember my sister, terrified one night...the story as she told it was that she was in her bed and it was nightime but she could still see well. All of a sudden shadows rose up around her bed. They were hooded specters lining each side of the bed and a larger figure at the foot of the bed. She was so scared! The larger figure lifted from the floor and rose up high to fall down upon her and she quickly pulled the covers over her head! It never happened again, just that one time...or so we thought.

Over a decade niece was sleeping in that very same bedroom. We had never spoken of the incident that occured years before, no one knew. My niece had an experience that she related to me about that night. She told me that shadows rose up around the bed. The hooded specters lining each side of the bed and a larger figuer at the foot of the bed. It rose up high and then fell upon her, she was so afraid that she cowered under the covers until daylight.

Coincidence? I think not...

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