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Debbie Duncan




Ordained Minister



I live a paranormal life.  I have been exposed to unexplained phenomenon.  In this website you will find some of the stories in the blog, that will help you to understand what I have been exposed too and what I may be able to help you with.


Why did I create this website?  In the hopes to open communication from people to the “otherside”, to see if we can find a way to clearly talk with entities.  I continue to work with a meetup group in initiating experiments in that communication, as well as creating methods of finding missing persons and exploring circumstances around their disappearances. 


Healing is a huge component of the website, our meetup group that consists of energy healers of all kinds regularly send healing to all who request it.


Those in need of healing of the physical, mental, relationships, or finances need only to use the “Contact Us” form to submit a healing request.


Please browse the website and enjoy the stories and get informed with the articles.  As always contact us if you have an unexplained experience and need some advice.  


Dawn, Londie and I guest star on various radio stations and have an active meetup group in Southern California.  If you are in the area check us out on meetup (psychicfixes) and join us for a paranormal investigation!



Londie Benson


 Radio Show Host Professional Singer


Londie has finally embraced what she has always known:  She has the power of “KnowingWithin”. Growing up with an uncanny ability to just KNOW things about people, events and weather Londie lived a carefree life of just accepting it as normal and that everyone had the same abilities. As she grew into puberty, she left the ability behind. When Londie turned 19 an event happened that once again led her onto the path of psychic awareness. During her early 30’s her psychic ability seemed to flourish even more. While exciting, she couldn’t see how it was really helping people, so again, she set it aside and chose to raise her family and work at being a wife and mother. Now, she has taken on the task willingly after seeing how many are aided through a comforting word via Psychics through Mediumship and through validation of past and future events. She is a paranormal investigator and Psychic oncall for the San Diego area. Londie looks forward to a future of growth in the Spirit World. Londie is SimplyAPsychic.

Kimberly Bouchu


The Chequered Lily

Etsy Store

I have been interested in the paranormal for as long as I can remember, everything from ghosts, to science and medical mysteries, anomalies, and cryptozoology.  While other kids my age were reading The Babysitters Club and the Narnia books, I was reading The Library of the Curious and Unusual Facts and Mysteries of the Unexplained.  Growing up with ghosts kept me ever vigilant in my search for information regarding my experiences and the experiences of others.  This pursuit has never waned and I still enjoy my research, even though I do not have as much time as I’d like to devote to these studies.  I love a good ghost story, especially the ones that are true.I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.


I currently have an ETSY store where my organic and vegan make up is being sold.  Please check it out as well as my story on this website about my experiences with Shadow people.





Kim Ehn Jones



Kim Ehn Jones is a psychic in San Diego who has been doing readings for over twenty years. She combines a variety of methods to provide accurate, specific, and detailed readings of past, present, and future events. Through her personal readings, Kim encourages her clients in tapping into their own inner strength and wisdom.


A contributor to this website, Kim graciously provides articles to inform and teach others.



Archangel Azrael by Dawn Marshall

available for purchase on Amazon

Dawn Marshall

Psychic Medium

Dawn Marshall of is a naturally gifted psychic medium that has been seeing spirits since she was a child. The spirits she sees most of the time look just like you and me, and for most of her childhood, she didn’t realize these were spirits. It wasn’t until her mother questioned her about her “invisible” friends that she realized she was different. Having been raised attending a Southern Baptist school, and being called crazy and told that this gift was not of God, but rather of demons, she ignored the spirits and her abilities until they mostly went away. She proceeded to get married, have children, and leave that part of her behind. That is until one day, her psychic abilities re-activated themselves in the middle of a restaurant while eating dinner with her family. Her abilities returned with such a strength and with such clarity, she couldn’t ignore them – there were spirits everywhere, she could hear people’s thoughts, and knew things about complete strangers she would rather not. It was then that she realized this was something she could no longer avoid. So she started on her quest to determine what she was supposed to do with these abilities. Were they a gift or a curse? And what were they good for, how could she use them to help people?

  • Dawn read everything she could get her hands on regarding psychic abilities, however the Internet wasn’t nearly as populated with sites and information as it is now; there were no meetup groups, Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, or ways to find others with abilities. Then, one day she happened to stumble upon a TV show with a psychic medium, Lisa Williams. She watched Lisa Williams speak with spirit and thought, hey, I can do that! She watched her help a spirit cross into the light, and an amazing feeling of peace, love, and joy came over her. That’s when she realized her purpose – to help Earthbound spirits cross over. Since then, Dawn has spent her time exploring the various facets of the spirit world including energetic healing, past life regression, shadow people, the string theory, paranormal investigation, Atlantis, and everything in-between. Dawn enjoys following the rabbit hole of spiritual knowledge into the unknown, and feels blessed to be able to share it with others. One of her biggest joys is being able to teach and help others with their abilities, and she’s had the pleasure of speaking at paranormal and spiritual conferences and centers throughout the country. And her work with Earthbound spirits and the other side led her to channel and publish her first book: Archangel Azrael: Words of comfort, wisdom, and illumination. Dawn’s vision for the future includes opening a spiritual center near the beach in her hometown of San Diego where people can come find solace and peace in various ways such as meditation, Reiki healing, psychic sessions, classes, and a weekly service. 

Emma J Wallace M.Ed

Therapist and intuitive angel card reader

Emma J. is a Mental Health therapist, a certified life coach, angel card reader, wife and mother. Originally from Los Angeles, and currently residing in the Metro Atlanta Area. She discovered her gift as a spiritual empath at the age of 19 years old, while working at a hospital. She was able to intuitively “see” the diseases that people were afflicted with and took this gift to help heal others into her current career as a therapist. With a strong desire to help people get in tune with their intuition, while teaching the Law of Attraction to her coaching clients, she started to use the tarot as as tool for manifestation. Emma currently uses the Angel Card tarot for safe and gentle readings for her clients, and helps them decide which part of their life they can change to get the desired outcome they want - instead of leaving everything up to fate to decide for them. She loves to help people life the life they were destined to live, and her motto is “Love your life, don’t just live it!” and she can definitely assist you with it!

Adrian Romero





Adrian Romero is an Okuden (Level 2) Jikiden Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a unique and relaxed method deriving from spiritual energy in the universe to aid people in healing on physical, mental, and spiritual levels. There are several teachings and practices of Reiki available; Jikiden Reiki is a more traditional form that differs from what is mainly taught and practiced in the U.S. Founded in Japan by Mikao Usui in the 1920’s, Jikiden Reiki is an unmodified practice from its founder. It doesn’t include new age ideas or practices that are typically used in the western style of Reiki taught in the U.S. As a practitioner, Adrian offers traditional healing catered to his clients’ individual needs. He also intuitively focuses on areas where he feels guided to, and lovingly relays any messages that come through from the other side if the client wishes. Distance Reiki is also available for anyone unable to physically be present for the session.


Adrian Romero resides in San Diego, California. To schedule an appointment, or for more information or questions about Jikiden Reiki, please contact Adrian at

Crystal Lyn




PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Located in New Jersey, Crystal has always been highly intuitive. However, she didn't truly realize it until 11 years ago. In December 2003 she had a premonition about her grandmother's death exactly one week before it happened. From that point on, her life was never the same. After giving countless readings to friends and family over the years, she decided if she could help them, she could help others as well! She is able to assist in providing information to your biggest concerns in order to empower you and to help you move forward in your life. With the exception of health/medical issues, NO QUESTIONS are OFF LIMITS! And how nice is that, to know that you can come to her without having to worry about censoring yourself? She has a high level of empathy, so her approach is gentle and caring, with genuine concern for you.


To order a one question Tarot reading, just click on Crystal's paypal button.  Email her your questions at time of purchase.  She will return an indepth reading to you within 72 hours.

Contact her at:

Thank you for your interest in our website.

We are dedicated to our mission of helping others but need to put a disclaimer:  Please be advised that psychic readings cannot predict, forecast, diagnose or provide information with absolute certainty. No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and readers will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings. Clients must be 18 years old and above.

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