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Goodbye Baby a family story

Wanted to tell you all about something that my two sisters told me about that occurred when they were growing up. I'd like to add that they did not know about each others experience until decades after it happened.Unfortunately, my little brother was premature back in the 50's. After a few days he passed away. My mother told us a story about waking up in the middle of the night to the cry of a baby and seeing a lit cross rising from the foot of her bed and moving up to the ceiling and then through it. She knew he died. What no one knew was that, that night my sister Pat woke up. She saw standing in the door way, a pretty lady holding a baby. The lady told Pat that she was taking her little brother with her, and that he was alright. What no one knew was that my sister Dorothy also saw the pretty lady and heard her say that she was taking our little brother with her also. Decades later when talking about the paranormal, both of my sister's confessed to the vision...and were astonished to learn each had the same experience. So that is the story, in our family, about our baby brother going to heaven.

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